Kidney Stone Disease Torturing The Human Body

Health / Friday, January 12th, 2018

Diseases caused by bacteria or viruses are very harmful to the health of the body. Reactions in the body some be stopped due to inhibition of bacteria or viruses that enter into the body. The disease will be very we feel the effect after a few times long after we are really contaminated by a virus or bacteria so that the initial symptoms of the pain will not be felt immediately. Diseases that are very disturbing to us especially disturb the process of secretion in the body is a kidney stone. A terrible disease that disrupts the flow of components passing through the kidneys that will later be secreted. This disease is not only caused by bacteria or viruses but from our poor diet and also irregular. The cause is what causes kidney work to be inhibited.

Efficacy Of Radish In Curing Kidney Stones

Kidney stones is a disease caused by the filtering process in the kidney inhibition caused by several factors. That factor can be caused by the buildup of components with larger molecular sizes that are not perfectly filtered in the kidneys. Foods that have a very large effect on this disease, accumulation that occurs in the kidney can be caused by the urea content available in the food is excessive so that the accumulation that inhibits the filtration process in the kidney.

In this case, for patients with kidney stone rapeseed can be consumed regularly to destroy the rocks that block the place of kidney filtration with potassium content. This component will control the expenditure of calcium in the resulting urine. It also prevents the process of formation of kidney stones because by consuming regularly it will destroy the kidney stones that accumulate and settle in the kidney. Although it seems a little strange to eat, these turnips proved to have great properties.