Easy Ways to End Panic Attack

Health / Monday, February 5th, 2018

A panic attack is one condition when one get emergency signal from adrenaline to the adrenal glands. In that situation, people who get panic attack will develop more fear then they cannot control themselves. Everyone has ever got panic, but some people get a higher panic attack. It even leads to death. So, people have to be aware of it since it will happen to you or people around you. At least, when you find there is one who gets a panic attack so you can try to help them.

4 Steps to Control Panic Attack

Actually, there are four steps to deal with the panic attack. For the first, try to relax yourself. You can take a deep, slow, and deep breaths. Just make sure that you can tense down your adrenaline. If the condition is getting worse, so you can take some other breaths slowly and deeply. Just try to relax your body and get a control of your mind. Secondly, you have to stop any negative thinking. If your fear is bigger than yourself, so you can try to shout. You can shout “STOP” to stop that emergency signal to your brain. So, your adrenaline will not be tensed up highly.

Thirdly, change any negativity into positivity. Some people who get panic attack tends to say any negative statement like “I am going die, I cannot make it”. Just stop it, you have to keep your mind and body in positivity. Rather than saying those negative words, you have to turn it into positive words like “It is okay, I am fine”. For the last, you can accept your feelings when the panic attack occurred. Actually, fear is not wrong. You can have it, but you have to control it well. Just listen to your feeling and keep it to be more balanced.