Hugs Can Make Children Smart

Health / Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

A baby is born to have hundreds of millions of cells in the brain ready to receive any information. Baby’s early experiences are very likely to occur along with their parents, so it is the parents who end up shaping the baby’s brain by interacting with the baby so as to shape their future thinking skills. Hugs are a simple way of parenting interactions with babies. Hugs are believed to educate the baby and prepare mentally for the future, this is due to several things.

Some Reasons Why Parents Hug Is Very Important for Baby’s Intelligence

The area of the brain that stores memory, learning, and stress responses are known as the hippocampus. This area is 10% larger in infants who get a loving environment. When you make physical contact with your child through a hug, you can help the prefrontal cortex to develop. Which is where the function of storing information and help strengthen the reflexes on touching. This makes your child emotionally strong and makes the child smarter. When you embrace your baby into your daily routine, each hug may help the baby develop self-confidence. Babies can also learn to be expressive and loving. Hugging and approaching your baby can increase oxytocin production and this helps reduce stressor hormone cortisol. This helps your child feel calm in the face of stressors, lowers blood pressure and improves mood. All positive responses to hugs and hugs can make your baby smarter in the face of stress and other difficulties that will be faced in their life in the future.

Already know the benefits, let’s give a lot of hugs, warm and loving to our children so that he can later benefit after we do it. From some of those reasons, we can know that the little things that we usually do accidentally can have a major impact on the development of our beloved baby’s brain.