Check the Facilities You Need in Coworking Space

Business / Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Are you looking for coworking space in Jakarta? If you want to find the workplace for your startup company, so you need to take some considerations. In that situation, your business will run smoothly and effectively. One of the consideration is the availability of facilities.

What are Facilities Needed for Coworking Space?

For community or Startup Company that need coworking space in Jakarta, facilities are the main thing in considering coworking space. What will be needed from coworking space? Here is a guideline for your needs:

  • Meeting Room

As a company, you do not only need desks. It will not be comfortable when you need to gather all your team to a held meeting at once if there is no more space. As the best solution, the meeting room is needed. So, you have to make sure that coworking space that will be chosen must have a meeting room.


  • Kitchen

Is kitchen really important? Big yes. You will not only work over there. You and your team need to energize your condition. In that situation, the kitchen takes a big role for your team. Coffee and snacks are the best things ever. Make sure that there is a kitchen that will provide on what you need.


  • Phone Booths and Wi-Fi Connection

Since you will work as a company, you need more connection with clients. In that situation, phone booths are important so you can get professional contact there. On the other hand, you will also need a strong internet connection. The coworking space that facilitates Wi-Fi connection will help your company more.


  • The Host

The host or community curator is important when you are working at the coworking space in Jakarta. The role of the host will handle the events and situation in that place. S/he even has to make sure that everything runs smoothly in the coworking space.