What Is Kind Of Wooden It?

Lifestyle / Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Wooden furniture flare (wood trembesi) arguably is the type of furniture that again rose prestige. It is with many people who are interested in this type of furniture. In fact, enthusiasts of wooden furniture flare are not only from within the country alone, even many foreign people who love wood furniture from Indonesia especially suar wood furniture. This can be seen from the increasing number of wooden furniture export to countries abroad each year.

Is This Wooden Furniture A Good Furniture?

You could say that, but back to the taste of each person, because the tastes of each person will not be the same. But in essence, wooden flare furniture does have a unique uniqueness that distinguishes it with the type of furniture usually.

Unique? What Is The Uniqueness Of Furniture From Wood Flares?

The uniqueness of the easiest wooden beacon furniture can be seen in its design. Unlike the typical wooden furniture, wooden furniture is usually used in every component thick and wide. In addition, the color and motif (batik) on wooden fiber suar also quite unique, therefore, wooden furniture flare mostly finished by using natural colors (looks original wood). Wide wood and unique fiber motif, this is what makes suar wood furniture is now more and more in demand. Maybe you will be able to prove it if you look directly.

Is Wooden Suar Furniture As Strong As Teak Furniture?

If the important thing is strong in the current construction problem, the answer is for sure! Because wood flare is a type of wood that has a level of violence (not the level of brittleness) is good enough with teak wood. This level of hardness affects the adhesiveness of screws and nails. Whereas if the heavy in question is strong against the attack of termites or wood-damaging insects, the answer is still strong teak wood. are you interested in that? please visit www.nusantarasourcingagent.com.