Try To Get Enough Rest

Health / Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Migraines have been attacking people lately. It is obvious because of the influence of the very hectic activities that we have to do in every day. The demands of work that make us lose time to rest. Whereas getting enough rest time on the sidelines of work is very important to make the brain more refreshed. Because of the condition of the brain is fresher, then the work feels easier to work, the brain will be easier to think. If we are too forced to work hard nonstop, especially if you include people working in front of the computer for a long time, then the risk of a migraine will be higher. This will only interfere with your performance during the office.

Reduce The Pain Of A Migraine With This Way

You definitely do not want anything bad to happen to you when a migraine attacks, many harmful things that may happen when you get a migraine. Then you have to make sure that you have time to relax, do not get too tense and you try to enjoy the job. There are several things you can try when you get a migraine. The first thing that might do is to rest in a dark room, with a rest in a dark room can reduce the pain you experience. The beam that is too bright or glare will make a headache becomes more and more. Therefore, try to stay in the shade or dark. You can also use a blindfold while resting.

Another way is to try to compress the head using ice. Compressing the head with ice that has been wrapped in plastic bags or cold water can relieve migraines. You can also use a towel and wet it with ice water and then use it to compress. While being compressed, try to lie down in a comfortable position and rub the affected area using ice.