What Is Rash?

Health / Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Dust mites are the smallest living creatures living indoors in humid and warm places such as inside pillows and mattresses. This animal is not a type of bug that you can destroy because they are invisible animals. Then their translucent bodies shun their visions. Dust mites do not have eyes or antennae, but only eight feet and mouth like limbs. Dust mite bites caused many itchy reactions called rashes.

Dust Mite Bites Caused A Rash

A rash is an example of a disease caused by a dust mite bites called Sarcoptes Scabies that can affect anyone. If you think that your pet is like a cat and a dog, it is a mistake. Flea or mites that exist in pets cannot attack humans because of the types of mites that attack humans and pets of different types. Scabies can be transmitted from human skin to other humans. The infection of these mites sometimes does not cause symptoms, so it may not be realized that they have mites in the body. If an infection has occurred, then you can be sure you will make itch. This itchy reaction is caused by the skin’s response to the foreign matter. Common skin responses are allergies, itching, and hardening of the skin like crust.

The itchiness on your skin should not you ignore it, the unknown itchiness is probably the result of a dust mite bites that eat and suck your blood unnoticed. This is slightly different from the itchiness caused by mosquitoes because the mosquitoes are visible to the eye while the mites are not visible. When the mites bite your skin, the skin responds in an itchy way and usually, the bite of the mite occurs at night. Mites can put their eggs in the pores of your skin, the skin is laid eggs mites look like a red line. So, a sign of this mite infection will cause an overwhelming itch.