Processing Technique By Frozen Prawns Suppliers

Business / Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

The more the development of the era, the more advanced technology today. One that is experiencing growth is the world industry. Which in the industrial world the more advanced thinking for the sake of being able to profit by way of ideas to be able to meet the needs of surrounding communities. One of the best ideas that greatly contributes to the world of food is the freezing of shrimp by some frozen prawns suppliers. It is also followed by the development of technology and science which in the process of shrimp processing into frozen shrimp needs a good science because if the process freezing shrimp are done with simple without good knowledge then the result would not be good following is the way of processing.

Processing By Frozen Prawn Suppliers Named Pt. Syam Solar Stand Alone

One of the PT that processes the shrimp into frozen shrimp and PT which also becomes frozen prawns suppliers is addressed in provincial road number 1 Kampung Kajang district of regency Kutai Karta state, East Kalimantan, Samarinda. Pt Syam Surya Mandiri or commonly referred to as SSM is one cold storage company located in sub-district. Anggana is the location of the establishment of PT. SSM. This region consists of the coastal estuarine coast of Mahajan estuary which has potential to manufacture and producing pond with capacity reaches 150 tin and also ice factory with capacity 40 ton per day or reaches 2000 beams of ice. The construction of cold storage is a manifestation of the role of PT.SSM in supporting local government programs to develop agriculture in the meaning of Kyas in accordance with the mission vision of Kutai Kartanegara.

Where is PT Syam Surya Mandiri obtain raw materials from various suppliers derived from the river marina and also the palace? In the acceptance of raw materials, shrimp conditions in a state of intact which is a direct shrimp dry fish pond supplies. Where for the standard quality of shrimp itself is shrimp HL, tiger, and white, which is divided into 3 parts namely first quality, second quality and standard bellow? Where the next shrimp that have been collected is freezing by using cold storage. Furthermore, PT. Independent solar shaman here as frozen prawns suppliers already processed into a state of frozen which then packaged and distributed to the local market throughout Indonesia. That’s some information on how to process to freeze shrimp by one of the suppliers of shrimp.