Get Aromatherapy Massage In Ubud

Business / Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Holiday means differently for some people. Half of them will like to walk around to explore the certain place for their holiday. The rest of them also will stay in one place to get a peace for their holiday. If you are the second type, so you can choose the best spa in Ubud. There are a lot of spa in Ubud which can be your escaping place. Most of the spa center in Ubud offers traditional treatment or sensation of Bali that will give more calmness to your mind. Moreover, you can also take some benefits from treatments offered.

Alam Wangi Spa As The Best Spa In Ubud

If you have a plan to visit Bali as your escaping holiday, so don’t forget to add spa center on your list. There are so many spa centers in Ubud which become the most recommended place to seek a peace. You can visit Alam Wangi Spa which is located in Alam Shanti. This best spa in Ubud offers incredible traditional massage and aromatherapy treatment. There are facial treatment, body scrub, and head massage which gives you relax sensation. Moreover, you can also get a light meal and healthy fresh juice before or after getting a massage.

The signature of Alam Wangi Spa is the using of essential oil from flowers, roots, and plants in Indonesia. Although it offers Balinese traditional treatment, it still combines some technique to get the best service for all guests. Alam Wangi Spa does not only offer Indonesian massage technique, but it is also combined Sweden and Hawaiian technique of massage. Moreover, there are also stretching and acupressure massage technique from Thailand. Then, you can also choose what kind of essential oil that will be used. If you are interested, so you can add this place to your holiday with