Foods Which Can Increase Breast Milk

Health / Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

The nursing period is a period when a mother needs a lot of attention. This will include her health and the food that she eats. As a nursing mother, the foods that you eat during post-pregnancy recovery is crucial. Not only crucial for your own health but also your breast milk production. So, how to increase breast milk? You can increase the production of your breast milk by eating the right food. It can affect directly to the quantity of breast milk that you produced. If you want to know what foods that you should eat to increase breast milk production, scroll down this post.

How To Increase Breast Milk Supply?

How to increase breast milk supply? You can increase them by eating unripe papaya. If you live in South Asian, you can find it everywhere since it a part of the South Asian cuisine. Since a long time ago, unripe papaya has been used a home remedy for increasing breast milk supply. This fruit work as a natural sedative and it can help you to feed your baby better as well as relax both you and the baby. Since it is unripe, you can eat it as a South Asian salad or eat it with flat noodles.

The next food is something that Popeye loves. Yes, it is spinach! This vegetable contains calcium, iron, and folic acid. By eating spinach regularly, the quantity of your breast milk will increase. This vegetable is also essential for the anemic mother. Moreover, if you eat spinach, your baby can grow stronger. Spinach also contains detoxifying agents which make your breast milk healthier. You can also prevent breast cancer by consuming spinach. You can mix it with flatbread for a meal or you can include this veggie in a midday soup. But don’t eat this too much since it can cause diarrhea. That’s our tips on how to increase breast milk supply.