The Best Engine Of BMW X1 Best Performance

Technology / Saturday, February 24th, 2018

BMW X1 is one of the most anticipated cars that has been released in early 2018. Most of the people expect much on this new series. There are tremendous big features for the X1 which makes its design and performance looks balance. From the exterior, it has a luxurious, though but simple looks. Then, you can also find the best features for interior design and tools. With these best features, the X1 also comes with the best engine to get more performance.

Engine Performance Of BMW X1

Actually, you can find a lot of interesting features in BMW X1. To get higher performance, the X1 will come with the best engine. It has been built in 2.0 liter of turbocharged with 4-cylinder units. With this engine, it can produce 258 pounds-ft. and 228 hp of torque. What makes it is more interesting is it has been covered with the 6 speed of automated gearbox. The power itself will be transmitted to the front wheel which makes it even get the best performance. Moreover, the X1 also has been built with a system that can reduce emissions which becomes one of new modern car’s standard.

Actually, the X1 is built in all four engines but there might be some modification for some needs. Then, the modifications are also needed to make it possible to converse the gas. For the new features, it is able to get a strike for 60 miles in 6.6 seconds. However, the front wheels are same as its predecessors. You can still choose it to get xDrive 4 wheel as the best optional. After that, you can also find the 6 speed of transmission as well in BMW X1. With these greatest features, your X1 will be the best one on the road. Just find the new experience with the new X1.