Travelling To Nusa Penida

Business / Saturday, December 16th, 2017

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When you want to go traveling to Indonesia, Bali might come first on your mind. However, you have to know, there are other places in Indonesia that are worth to visit. For the example, Nusa Penida is also the best ideas of traveling in Indonesia. Travel guides book to Nusa Penida will help you to know some places that you can visit in this small archipelago. Then, where are those places? What are kinds of scenery that you can get while visiting Nusa Penida? If you are curious about that, please read the following paragraphs for more information about traveling guides to Nusa Penida.

Travel Guides To Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Actually, Nusa Penida is still the part of Bali Province, Indonesia. As the part of Bali, but not in the main island, this place still has many beautiful sides where you have to visit. For the example, you can go to Pasih Uug, which is known as “Broken Beach”. This beach is known as a unique beach. It becomes the point where the streams of the rivers meet each other. Then, the other place that you can visit once you are in Nusa Penida is Angel’s Billabong. Angel’s Billabong is such a good place where you have to visit; you can go diving in this place. Then, you will still find many beautiful places in travel guides book about Nusa Penida.

As Nusa Penida has many beaches, the best activity that you can do there is snorkeling. The wave of the beach is good for those people who love to do snorkeling. Then, surfing should be one of your activities list too. Do not forget to visit the beach with beautiful sunset too, so that you will experience many beautiful moments in Nusa Penida, Indonesia. That is all the information for you about travel guides to Nusa Penida.