Several Types of Teacup Pomeranian Dog

Lifestyle / Sunday, March 11th, 2018

Are you happy with dogs but afraid of their size? Do not worry, maybe you do not know the dog with this type of Teacup Pomeranian. Small dogs with the size of a cup of tea like this, would make you fuss and not afraid of the size of the dog.

Get to Know Teacup Pomeranian

Her tiny body is covered with thick, long fur, so you have to take care of her and make sure her hair is not wrinkled. Its tiny size also comes with its loyal character to its owner. It will always bark when it detects something dangerous to the owner. Although its size does not allow herself to rival the enormous dog’s guts, but her innocent voice does not violate the watch dog. That’s why you should also educate him so that his abilities are not used for him against his owner.
The price varies, depending on the type, health, and ability. The types are diverse, some are color of Teacup Pomeranian like a Husky type because the physical is similar. The color varies, from black, white, brown, and cream. You can keep it charged a price of $ 600 to $ 5000, but you can choose it in accordance with your financial. Make sure that you buy it in a pet store that you trust in its quality.

Another plus of caring for this dog is its small size allows you to more easily in its care. Only, its small size makes it vulnerable to be attacked by larger animals so you should always be vigilant. This dog is also better suited to roam the house, not in the outer courtyard. he is susceptible to diseases that can affect digestion and get infected. So, you must be careful in providing nutritional support for it. That’s a glimpse of this little dog. Make sure you understand a lot of info about this teacup Pomeranian before planning to have it. See the uniqueness of this tiny dogs which will accompany your day at