How to Get Younger Skin

Health / Friday, January 19th, 2018

When skin aging happened, it is the result that caused by many factors. It can be the gene factor, it can be from the sun, and it can be from your habits as well as lifestyle. Below are the tips to have a youthful skin. These tips are easy to do. And

Tricks to Have Youthful Skin

Youthful skin indeed desired by most women who are aging so fast. They want to shine and look beautiful to attract men they like. Well, here are several tips to make your skin shines.

  1. White teeth

White teeth is one of the signs of youthfulness and good health. If your teeth begin to yellowing, you need to avoid foods and beverages that stain your teeth. Those foods are hot foods, soy sauce, sticky foods, citrus fruits, and sweets. As for beverages, those are coffee, tea, red wine, cola, and soda. You can replace them with other foods and beverages. There are many delicious foods and beverages that you can choose. When you want to eat chicken breast, it’s better to not use barbecue sauce but you can use fresh herbs or a fruity mango sauce. You can drink yogurt, juice, smoothies, and green tea. Those beverages are very good for diet too.

  1. Stay away from gadget

Do you know that gadget can make you look older? Here’s the fact, if you often keeping your head down just to tap the like button on Justin Bieber’s Instagram account, it just promotes your wrinkles more visible. You need to use gadget less often. We know is really hard, especially when you use them to communicate or to work. But use your gadget just for work only.

  1. Don’t be stress

This will be another hard thing to do besides stay away from the gadget. But you need to do this. Stress will only make your skin look dull. Your mental can be sick too. Handle your stress is the right thing to do to prevent acne, sebum, and dull skin.

All of those three things will be perfect if you get enough sleep too. Sleeping can repair your skin. In the morning, you will look more glowing and radiant.